Posted by: mrlock | September 3, 2014

Liberal Arts Conference. October 14th 2014

I’m delighted and very nervous to be speaking at this conference at Kings on 14th October.

Trivium 21c

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TES and THE are proud to be media partners for this event and we are very proud that they are too!

The conference will take place at King’s College, The Strand, London from 1pm to 8.30 pm, October 14th 2014. The point of the event is to look at the current thinking about the liberal arts in universities and in schools, to find common ground and discuss ideas about how to develop the liberal arts’ place in the ongoing debate about the future of English education.

We hope that the conference will provoke, inspire, annoy, entertain and inform in equal measure. It will also be a great opportunity to articulate your own ideas and meet up with others who are thinking about education in similar ways to yourself, or at least in ways that can make you think at a deeper level about the issues involved.

The conference will be free to attend, we…

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