I’m a Headteacher. I trained as a maths teacher, but I am a philosophy graduate.

I live in Cambridgeshire. I worked in London secondary schools for seventeen years and I’ve been up here for two.

This blog started an occasional effort at recording reflections on my professional practise. The stimulus for it came from a Reflective Practice project I was involved in during 2007. This project was funded by Creative Partnerships, that encouraged us to “just write” for ten minutes each night.  Sometimes I did that; other times I consider what I’m writing a bit more fully.

Now I blog very occasionally, always on education, most often not sure that I’m right.

I welcome debate.

I’m @StuartLock on twitter.



  1. Are you finding this platform(is that what it’s called?) OK I’ve been researching stuff but I just think I need to do it and find out afterwards


  2. Is that you in the dim distance in the photo? Do you enjoy that kind of environment?


  3. It’s not me, but I did take the photo. I love that sort of environment. My favourite place in Britain is this clearing at the top of Ebbor Gorge – where you can see Glastonbury Tor in the distance.


  4. wow the happiness course must have been good news to you. I have heard Sessdon and soem of his staff before and have been equally impressed (thopugh it has not yet made any impact on the most untidy office in the university). tHE THING I keep saying to my teacher education students is that we (those who are responsible for thje school education of children for the next 40 years) need to maximise on what makes us as humans distinct from chimpanzees and computers.

    If we dont start identifying what distinguishes us from those two beings, we will either return to the state of simply being another animal or rapidly become wholly replaced by machines. for me its as simple as that.

    My granddaughter (at 2) has taught me what it is to be distinctly human, she shows me that we are Social, we are Meaning-seekers, we are Intellectual, we are Lauguage-users, we are Emotion-led and highly Sensory. This spells SMILES which I think summarises those essentail differences


  5. what’s your degree in? and how long have you been teaching.


    • I’ve been teaching 11 years, and I have a BSc in Philosophy. Why do you ask?


  6. What are the advantages to recording your professional perusals publically? Do I really want the DHT of my child’s school publically vomiting his thoughts on the internet? Or do I want him to worry about how he can improve the quality of education for my and others children.


    • I’d argue that that is exactly what I do when I write about education. I consider, publicly (so subject to scrutiny) how I might do the best for young people. I’m surprised you don’t approve.


  7. Hi Stuart,

    Do you still need a ticket for Saturday.



    • I’ve got one but thanks Carly.


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