Posted by: mrlock | January 14, 2016

A Liberal Education and CVC

This is similar to something I’ve written before. It may also (unintentionally) use phrases I was reading when I wrote it. I hope I’ve referenced them at the end. It is a piece I wrote for my school’s blog in the context of our direction of travel.

CPDL @ Cottenham Village College

Learning is an activity that thrives on a desire to know. The state of deep learning – of love for one’s learning and the activities that lead to learning – is bound up in the essence of being human. The intense satisfaction of learning combined with the desire to know more as an end in itself is liberating. As educated people, we will (I hope) all have experienced undertaking a learning activity because of intrinsic desire or love of the activity itself. Pursuing a question, or reading a book, or finding out more just because we want to is something uniquely human and something we must cultivate in our young people. We want pupils to thrive on learning, if not in the now of the classroom, then in the lives of those we are inducting into a lifetime of fulfilment and freedom: the pupils at Cottenham Village College.

Too many…

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